True Gifts

Who We Are

True Gifts is a not-for-profit organization geared toward helping young people ages 8 - 17  discover, nurture and perform their gifts in the respective fields of singing, dancing, musical instruments and the spoken word. We are dedicated to providing our participants with a healthy, clean, safe and positive environment. Our subsequent goal is to teach our talented youth how to invest in themselves and become self-sufficient in the production, promotion and marketing of their craft. True Gifts uses showcases, concerts and community events to help teach our youth the art of enterprising and self-promotion in a social atmosphere. In light of the fact that school budgets have been cut drastically and as a result many of the music programs have been cut as well, True Gifts is a welcomed alternative for young people who are interested in furthering their knowledge and experience in areas of the performing arts. True Gifts is currently Housed at Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church, 7201 S. Carpenter, Chicago IL, and expands its operations on 4 separate occasions during the 10 week program by hosting showcase concerts within neighborhoods and park districts throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area.

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